UK Car Export to New Zealand

Uk Cars for export to New Zealand:

Singapore Car Exporter is very active in the UK Car Export market. We have an office in London located  just 5 minutes walk form the new Wembley stadium.

We have been exporting to New Zealand for more than 10  years from Singapore and Japan so we are very familiar and aware of the VTNZ compliance checks carried out once the cars arrive into NZ.

We carry out the same checks as they do in New Zealand having sent one of our staff to a NZ compliance center to see first hand what checks are carried out. Once all the checks are done, we either reject or rectify any issues a car might have which is bound to be exported to New Zealand.

We are happy to guarantee the quality of our cars are top condition and equivalent to a Grade 4 or higher based on the Japanese car auctions grading system.

Singapore Car Exporter welcomes any of the NZ Car Dealers to visit our Uk Car Exporting office and see first hand how we check our cars in our workshop before finally exporting them to New Zealand.

We visit our car dealers in Auckland once a month and are happy to meet new dealers and discuss new business. We are also VAT registered which allow us to buy VAT Qualifying cars which saves our customers around 20% of the actual price.

We are also happy to act as a car agent to help you in the process of buying a car that you have found yourself, checking the car for defects and also claim the VAT on your behalf so you don’t have to wait months to get the VAT back.

* VAT in the UK = GST in NZ